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Walk the Walk

I’m three weeks postpartum today. I am climbing stairs multiple times a day and have been able to lift my 30lb toddler a few times while focusing on keeping my core tight and maintaining good posture alignment. I have been able to take three walks up to 20 min in length while pushing the baby in a stroller. I have no complaints during the walks but I do notice tightness in hips and upper back. I continue to perform breathing exercises every night laying in bed and increase practice when sitting throughout the day. I have been focusing on moving throughout the day, drinking lots of water and eating a healthy diet for the most part. I still have a sweet tooth:)

I am also using this time at home to continue my education of the pregnant and postpartum changes to the body. My goal is to learn all that I can to not only help me get back to my prior activity level pain free but to be able to help other women and provide education that could be valuable to all in regards to pelvic floor, core and hip strengthening.

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