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Jaw Tension and Pelvic Floor

Do you ever notice tightness in your jaw when you wake up or find yourself grinding your teeth during the day? These can all be signs that you are clenching your jaw and causing tightness in the muscles around the mouth. It’s very common to also have tightness in your pelvic floor when you have tension in your jaw muscles. It’s crazy to think that two things that are anatomically far apart can have such an influence on each other.

I myself was told by my dentist that I am grinding my teeth and I have noticed minor headaches in the morning and tension in my jaw when I wake up in the morning. So for two weeks I started to perform a nightly facial massage routine to focus on relaxing the muscles around my jaw.

I focused my attention on the muscles around the jaw and neck region, like the masseter muscle, the pterygoids and sternocleidomastoid. You don’t need to know their names but just know that when dealing with jaw tension you need to focus on muscles above and below the jaw. The only supplies you need is an essential oil or serum, your fingers, a face roller and about 5 minutes of your time.

After two weeks of performing a nightly facial massage routine I could feel less jaw tension in the mornings and I no longer woke up with a mild headache. I have also noticed feeling more relaxed at night and it has helped me get more restful sleep.

I feel like we don’t give our facial muscles enough attention when it comes to targeting them for treatment. I have learned over the years that one area of dysfunction can have such an impact on various other regions of the body and there have been many studies to show the relationship between the muscles in our jaw and pelvic floor.

So the main takeaway point from this is that we need to make sure to address the facial muscles to help reduce tension and even when addressing pelvic floor dysfunction.

Check out my full facial massage video HERE!

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