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Three Months Strong

I am finally 12 weeks postpartum and It’s been a whirlwind over the last month. I have started increasing my amount of exercise and continuing to modify due to pelvic floor and core weakness. I have learned to listen to my body during my exercises and after to help me understand my limits and know when to progress and when to pull back. I found myself with increase low and mid back tightness after attending a boot camp style exercise class. It’s really hard for me not to go all in but I’m trying to focus on my end goal, which is getting back to full running and cross fit training with no issues. This means I need to pump the brakes and focus on building a strong base to minimize my risk of injury.

My workouts have consisted of mobility exercises for low back and hips, strengthening with thera bands and free weights (5-10lbs), yoga and deep core exercises. I have really been focusing on balancing strength and mobility workouts to help get the most out of each exercise.

I highly recommend using a mirror to help monitor posture and to allow you to see where you are compensating to know your limits.

It’s been fun evaluating myself to understand my body and compile the best exercise routine for me throughout my healing process.

I’ve been busy also putting together a live event on my fb group to help educate pregnant and postpartum moms on proper exercises and common issues. Check out my group for more free info on pregnancy and postpartum rehab.

Here are some exercises that I have been doing for pelvic floor strengthening

1.Active hip IR- a great side glute, hip adductor and lower ab exercise. By adding a towel or yoga block between your knees to squeeze you really help activate the pelvic floor.

2.Alternating Leg Lifts- this is a great leg lift variation to get pelvic floor and lower abs to work but maintain a natural curve in your back.

3.Lunge Rotations- lunges are a great full body movement and adding resisted rotation will increase obliques and pelvic stabilizers.

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