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Pregnancy Posture

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Pregnancies Effect on Posture

As the baby continues to grow, our bodies start to change in multiple ways and an obvious one is our posture. You will notice that when standing your hips will start to dump forward, there is increased arch in the low back, shoulders will round and hyper extended knees. Being able to focus on our posture throughout and after pregnancy can help reduce low back pain, neck pain, reduce DR (Diastasis Recti) and help prevent future issues.

It’s all about awareness throughout the day like when you sit in a chair for longer periods of time with a slouched posture, set a timer to go off on your phone every 20 min to remind you of your posture and to get up and move.

When you are standing try to focus on a slight bend in the knees and tucking the hips under to help increase lower core activation to help reduce pressure on the low back.

Also be aware of standing with jetting your hips out to the side when trying to relieve back pain, instead try to adjust low back pressure by elevating one foot. For example when you are standing at the sink doing dishes open the bottom cupboard door and place one foot up onto the shelf to help reduce the arch in the low back.

So make sure you change positions throughout the day and beware of the rounded shoulder and over arched back posture during and after pregnancy. If you are able to focus on upright posture with ribs stacked over hips this can help increase core and pelvic floor activation. Posture is so important and is something we can all benefit from addressing throughout the day!

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