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Pain in My Butt!

Having deep butt pain when standing or can’t get comfortable when sitting at work? This pain

in the butt can be caused by deep hip rotator tightness. These muscles will over work to help stabilize the pelvis due to weakness of surrounding muscles like hamstrings and glutes.

Now that you have identified the problem, what can you do about it?

You can start by trying to relax the deep hip rotators through massage or using a foam roller to help reduce tension in these muscles. After that focus on strengthening the surrounding muscles to help manage the stress in the pelvic region.

When you are able to focus on your pelvic positioning during exercises you will help activate the muscles that are weak. For example, hamstrings are usually weak in people who experience this deep butt pain; by making sure your pelvis is tucked under it will help activate your hamstrings and lower abs.

When performing exercises to help increase strength in glutes, hamstrings and lower abs you want to be sure you are not feeling that deep butt pain.

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