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One Year Healing Journey

We all celebrate our babies turning one, we talk about if they are crawling or walking, saying dada or mama but what about the mother? I love my babies but we need to focus on our recovery, our bodies and our mental health to be the best version of ourselves.

I’m so grateful for learning more about pelvic rehab after my second birth because it allowed me to be active and get back to higher level workouts. The big secret is listening to your body and knowing when you can progress with load. Our bodies give us signs all the time during our healing journey and when we take the time to listen it can help reduce unwanted injuries.

I started early into my postpartum journey with proper breathing and trying to manage my pelvic floor pressure. As I healed and felt myself get stronger, I was able to get back into more organized exercise classes around eight weeks postpartum but I modified a lot of exercises. I remind myself that my body went through nine months of change to grow my baby so it’s going to take over nine months to heal. I am now one year postpartum and I have been able to get back into jumping, sprinting and heavier lifts with minimal issues. I am not where I want to be but I know I am on the right path and I have the right village behind me.

I know the importance of full body health from focusing on my mental health by making time for myself and helping release stress through physical activity by doing yoga, hip hop dance and some mom fitness classes. I also have been working on my nutrition by working with a registered dietician to help with fatigue and to increase breast milk supply. I’m working with a chiropractor, as well as pelvic and orthopedic physical therapists to help keep my body moving and allow me to continue progressing my workouts safely.

The saying it takes a village to raise a child couldn't be more true but it also takes a village to help heal your body and allow you to reach your goals in order to live your life happy and pain free.

If you are experiencing issues with getting back to exercises or normal life routines post baby please reach out to a women’s health professional to help give you guidance to reach your goals.

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