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Lunge it out

Overall I have been feeling good because I have been able to workout some and my baby is sleeping for 4-5 hours at a time during the night. It’s crazy how much better you feel when you get to sleep a little longer, it makes me think about all those patients that use to tell me that they haven’t slept well for over a year! No wonder so many people have chronic pain out there, if you don’t get to rest your body at night you will feel it throughout the day. I recommend creating a peaceful environment before you go to bed and even perform some meditation or breathing exercises to help calm the mind and body.

The other thing that has helped me over the past week is getting back into some group exercise classes. I joined a moms exercise class. I attended one class so far and it was great. I had to be my own therapist and modify almost all the exercises because I wanted to make sure to ease myself back into working out so I don’t injure myself like I did before.

They had me doing squats with light weight, lunges, planks and push ups. It felt so good to get back to full body movements and to feel a burn in my muscles. I’m so happy I was able to find such a supportive group of women and I look forward to continuing to work out with them and support the strong mom community.

I do have advice to anyone who is trying to get back into exercise; use a mirror or video yourself. It really helps you watch your form so you can correct body movements to reduce injury and help focus on the muscles that need more attention.

Please check out my facebook group where I share tips and tricks for exercising during and after pregnancy! Rachel Collins PT | Facebook

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