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Help with DR

Distasis Recti (DR) is when there is separation between the rectus abdominis (front abs), most mothers deal with this during the postpartum period. When measuring the severity of the gap between the abs it is said that anything over 2 fingers separation is classified as DR.

What can I do to help prevent DR?

Naturally during pregnancy women will have abdominal separation because of the growing baby in your belly, but there has been good research on things that women can do to help prevent DR during the postpartum period.

  1. Staying hydrated helps keep you tissues more elastic and will help speed recovery time

  2. Having good lateral rib mobility/ side body expansion, this will increase oblique activation (lateral abs) and help reduce stress through front abs. This can be done through breathing exercises with focus on lateral rib expansion during inhalation

  3. Managing pressure through the front abs. This is where you want to be aware of doming during daily activities and exercises. The more pressure you have through your front abs without sufficient strength in pelvic floor/abs can increase the separation in your rectus abdominis

  4. Keeping your skin and other fascia layers mobile will help reduce tightness and adhesions which will help reduce gap size between abs

All these things can be done as early as 2 weeks postpartum

Check out video below

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