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Happy Baby and Happy Back

I am a woman on the go, like most moms. After having my second child, I found myself needing to use baby wraps and a carrier a lot more with my second baby because I needed both hands free to take care of my toddler. I started to notice that I would get some low back pain when using my carriers so I had to adjust my straps which really helped my posture and reduced stress through my low back.

You want the bottom strap to be tight around your hips. If it’s above your hips, it’s going to make your back arch more due to the weight of the baby. The top strap should be in the middle of your shoulder blades to help you maintain an upright posture and avoid rounding at your shoulders. It also helps to keep your baby’s head up toward your chest; they say you should be able to kiss your baby’s head. You want to make sure that your baby is close to your body, this will help reduce tension in your low back and keep your hips from tilting forward.

I hope these tips help, happy baby wearing!

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