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Core Strengthening to Reduce Back Pain

Something that I really had to focus on post birth was contracting my abs and pelvic floor throughout exercises to improve strength and reduce stress to my low back. I have always had a tighter back due to my posture and getting my lower core stronger is key to allowing me to work out pain free.

The first thing you need to understand before you can start core strengthening is proper breathing. I strongly recommend reading the post on breathing, this is where you start pelvic floor and abdominal activation. Once you can perform 360 breathing then you can progress to Transverse Abdominis (TA) exercises.

Studies have shown that if you properly get the TA to fire you will also get the pelvic floor to contact. Starting slow and working on proper activation of the lower core muscles is where you need to start.

I would recommend starting core strengthening with these three progressions:

  1. Head Lift: focus on placing fingers inside hip bones and feeling TA slightly tighten and draw in and lift pelvic floor

  2. Alt Marches: once you can fire TA and pelvic floor progress to alt marches and maintaining neutral hips and TA activation

  3. Reverse Tabletop: being able to hold this position requires good activation of lower abs and pelvic floor, make sure to not feel increase tension in hip flexors

Making sure to be aware of poor pressure management is key to rehab the core and maintain stabilization in pelvis and spine. Beware of doming or coning in the front abdominal region, too much pressure here can make DR worse or cause pelvic prolapse.

How strong your core is not decided on by weather you have a six pack, it’s more about endurance. The abdominals are made to work throughout the day to help with maintaining posture and

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