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Beware of the Dom

Postpartum week 8:

I have been able to workout about 3-4 times a week doing either some walking or stationary bike for cardio and lifting 5-10lb weights for upper and lower body strengthening exercises. I am very aware of my limits and continue to modify my exercises due to my body not being able to maintain proper form. I perform push ups and planks on my knees and I’m staying away from jumping and plyometric exercises.

When performing my exercises I focus on not doming through my abs; this when you have increase pressure through the front ab muscles and cause them to push out (see picture above for reference). When you see this it means that your lower abs are weak or not activating properly. The transverse abdominal muscles are part of our lower abs and are very important to help support the pelvis and lower spine. When these muscles are not firing properly it will cause increase pressure and stability issues in the pelvic region. It can also worsen diastasis recti.

I am able to control my doming by placing my hands on my lower abdominals to help increase transverse abdominal activation. I also focus on my breathing and contract my abs during my exhale.

I’m continuing to be consistent with performing breathing exercises daily and being aware of my posture throughout the day to help reduce stress in my low back by managing anterior pelvic tilt when standing.

I have learned so much about proper exercising during and after pregnancy and I get asked all the time “What are exercises that I shouldn’t do?”. There are really no WRONG exercises to perform, just BAD ways to perform an exercise. It’s really important to learn about the safe form during exercise so we don’t injure ourselves and help reduce diastasis recti

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