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Abdominal Awareness

I am 5 weeks postpartum and finally have stopped bleeding. I have been getting out of the house more and even drove 6 hours to Pennsylvania with my one month old baby, 2 year old and my mom. We stopped every two hours to help reduce my stiffness, feed the baby and let the toddler run off some energy.

I have been continuing low back stretches, pelvic floor lifting and rib mobility exercises. I have started to focus on abdominal exercises due to having slight frontal abdominal separation. I tested myself for diastasis recti which is when you have greater than 2 fingers width separation between your abs. I have about 1 to 1 ½ finger widths but I started to perform head lifts in hook lying position, cat/camels and bird dogs to help reduce the gap. You can actually reduce the amount of separation between your front abdominals even years after giving birth.

Around this time after my first pregnancy I was starting back on my HITT training but this time around I am listening to my body and making sure I’m prioritizing my attention in the right areas. I know I’m not ready to jump back into my old workouts because I had to run 25yds to catch a runaway toddler and I felt very unstable in my hips and pelvic region.

I’m walking and staying active throughout the day. Slowly, I’m going to increase my exercises and make sure I am working the proper muscles while maintaining good form. This will help reduce my risk of injuring myself and potentially causing chronic issues in the future.

Make sure to check out my social media pages for more information on proper exercises and ways to reduce injuries during and after pregnancy!

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