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4 Tips for A Healthy Bladder

I wanted to share the four most common tips that women can do to help reduce bladder issues.

  1. You should be voiding/peeing every 2-4hrs, that is that the amount of time it takes for your bladder to fill. Sometimes you fill the urge to sooner than 2 hours and I encourage doing tricks like contracting the pelvic floor quickly 5 times to help signal to the brain that it is not time to go. Some people might have other medical issues or eat and drink things that cause increase bladder irritation and need to void/pee before the 2 hour mark.

  2. If you stick to the 2-4hr time frame you should be using the bathroom 5-7 times a day and no more than 1 time at night. If you are seeing a pattern of going to the restroom over 10 times a day I would seek out professional help to help look over your daily routine. The bladder is a muscle and when contract over 10 times a day if will created a habit that you need to go even when your bladder hasn't reached its optimal filling.

  3. Don't do the just in case pee, this will cause confusion with the signals to the brain that control the pathway that tells our body when it needs to void/pee. This can cause bad habits that can increase the urge to void/pee just by passing a bathroom or knowing that you are leaving the home and you need to use the restroom.

  4. Sit on the toilet! I can't stress this enough, please sit down when peeing. You need to relax your pelvic floor muscles to help your bladder fully contract. I know this is hard for all my squatters out there how hoover over public toilets. I urge you to use toilet paper or if they have the toilet seat liners, your pelvic floor and bladder will thank you.

Also make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids and watching your caffeine intake.

If you have any questions about bladder issues, please contact me!

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